The Differences Between The Fusion 4000-X & Fusion 200-X

Here is the comparison chart of the Fusion 4000-X Syringe Pump and Fusion 200-X Syringe Pump. Click on the title link below to learn more about each product in more detail.

Maximum Flow Rate
Features Fusion 4000-XFusion 200-X
Two Independent Dual Motors In One Platform
Infuse/Withdraw Two Channels Programmed Simultaneously
ModeCycle Mode Continuous FlowNot Available
Syringe Size
0.5µL to 100mL
0.5µL to 60mL
Linear Force
85lb (38.5kg)
65lb (29.4kg)
Step Resolution
0.0293 µm/step
0.0528 µm/step
RacksDual Rack4 Channel Rack  & 11- Channel Rack

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