Syringe Heating Sleeve for Fusion 6000

The heating syringe sleeves are fitted for the Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringes to use with the Fusion 6000 High-Pressure Syringe Pump. Available in two sizes: 20mL and 100mL and it heats up to 80°C.

Follow these instructions to attach the heating sleeve around the stainless steel syringe:

Step 1: After attaching and securing your stainless steel syringe onto the Chemyx Fusion 6000, assemble the heating sleeve around the stainless steel syringe. Illustrated in this top view here:

Step 2: After securing it firmly around the stainless steel syringe, plug the heating sleeve adaptor into the back of the Fusion 6000 High-Pressure Syringe Pump. Illustrated in this back view here:

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