Chemyx High-Pressure Syringes – Maximum Pressures

Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringes can be use with the Fusion 4000 and Fusion 6000 models. The table below show the maximum pressure for each Stainless-Steel Syringe compatible for the following syringe pumps. These values are theoretical calculations based on the formula found in the following article – “How To Calculate Syringe Pump Pressure“.

Syringe Size I.D. Inner Diameter (mm) Fusion 4000 Max Pressure (psi)* Fusion 6000 Max Pressure (psi)*
6mL 9.53 587.90 4522.32
20mL 19.13 145.90 1122.32
50mL 28.6 65.28 502.13
100mL 34.9 337.21
200mL 55  – 135.78

*Note – Proper syringe O-rings need to be utilized if there is a leakage to achieve maximum pressures. Lubricating guide rods, lead screw, and proper maintenance is required to reach maximum pressures. Buna-N has a durometer rating of medium-hard. For higher pressure applications, a hard/very hard O-Ring (PTFE) needs to be utilized.

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