Chemyx contributes to high-level biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and other areas of contemporary scientific research by providing researchers with the syringe pump equipment they require. In addition to syringe pump systems, we also stock the following syringe accessories and infusion pump parts to complete your laboratory’s layout.

Streamline your workflow with seamless device communication from your computer to syringe pump. Chemyx offers 6-foot USB and RS232 cables, so you can fully connect and make use of your pump with automation programs such as LabView and MATLAB. Additionally, you can start, stop, or pause your syringe pump with the help of our electric foot pedal switch. This pedal switch is connected by a 10-foot cable and effortlessly connects to computerized pumping programs.

Expand your Chemyx syringe pump capabilities with our 4- and 10-channel syringe racks for the Fusion 6000 and Fusion 200 respectively. The 4-channel syringe rack is designed with durable machined aluminum and can accommodate four syringes with volumes from 10 mL to 100 mL. The 10-channel syringe rack model accommodates plastic and glass syringes with volumes from 1 μL to 10 mL, allowing for up to 10 simultaneous injections with your Fusion 200.

Machined for high-pressure applications, Chemyx’s stainless steel syringes are specially manufactured for use with our syringe pump product line. These molybdenum-alloyed steel syringes are precision-machined, resistant to corrosive materials, and best paired with the Fusion 4000 and Fusion 6000 performance series pumps. To ensure precision fluid delivery, Chemyx also provides replacement syringe O-rings that offer compression-set resistance and are designed to resist most oils, lubricants, and hydrocarbon fuels. This butadiene-acrylonitrile syringe pump seal is effective from -22°F to 250°F (-30°C to 121°C), making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.