High-Pressure Dosing

The precision addition of reagents is critical in process, in the chemical, oil, and gas industries.  Research in fracking and using super critical CO2 necessitated the need for pumps capable of delivering liquefied gases reliably and precisely.  Additional force is required to allow for delivery of fluid to reactors in chemical applications where large back pressure or non-Newtonian fluids are used.

Chemyx high-pressure chemical pumps support the research of critical developments in the chemical, gas, and oil industry.  Our Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pumps have removable syringes on the pump system permitting users to switch between different dosing pressures and material viscosity requirements.  Additionally, our high-pressure infusion pumps offer both pressure and temperature control functions to reduce experimental variability.

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Fusion 6000 High-Pressure Syringe Pump
Fusion 6000 High Pressure Syringe Pump

High-pressure syringe pump for pressure and viscous solutions – system has the ability to remove and swap syringes

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