Microfluidic Dosing Solutions

Microfluidics is a field of research that explores the interactions of liquids in tiny micrometer scale channels.  This technology development has led to the creation of powerful tools for scientists to control fluid physics, cellular environment and advances in this technique are revolutionizing biology procedures for enzymatic analysis, DNA analysis, and proteomics.

Chemyx syringe pumps are used extensively in the microfluidics and are cited in numerous publications.  As the primary micro flow pump, our systems are renowned for high accuracy, precision, and reliability during processes critical for fluid delivery functions. Our systems support microfluidic chips and custom fabricated PDMS devices for a diverse range of applications from studies of fundamental physics, single cell studies, lab-on-chip, micro-environmental/chemical environmental control and medical diagnostics.

Recommended Products

Fusion 4000

With the most precise and smallest step resolution on the market, this independent channel syringe pump is the best system on the market for microfluidic delivery.

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Fusion 200

Modular system with expansion capabilities allows researchers perform parallel infusions with excellent microflow sensitivity.

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Fusion 100

Cost effective standard syringe pump allows researchers perform microflow applications with minimal effort.

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