Microfluidic Infusion Syringe Pump

Infusion & Withdrawal Syringe Pump

Continuous Flow Independent Channels Syringe Pump
High Pressure Temperature Control Syringe Pump

Microfluidic Flow Performance

Our syringe pumps infuse and/or withdraw solutions at pulseless, reproducible flow rates via a state-of-the-art micro-stepper motor.

Fusion 200 Fusion 4000 Syringe Pumps

High Precision

Chemyx syringe pumps easily and effortlessly delivers accurate and precise amounts of fluids for a multitude of applications like microfluidics, mass-spec calibration, and neuro-drug delivery to animals.

Exceptional Durability

Chemyx syringe pumps are precision machined with metal components for a level of accuracy needed for microflow applications and for both chemical resistance and mechanical wear.

Machined Metal Design
Chemical Resistance
2-Year Warranty

Quick & Easy to Use

User Friendly Interface

Our Fusion Syringe Pumps have been engineered to be easy-to-use and navigate with a simple, user-friendly interface. In a matter of minutes, users are able program and customize flow profiles with just a few taps.


Our pumps are supported by LabVIEW / MATLAB drivers and are automation-ready for coding software like C++, C#, and Objective-C via simple ASCII commands.

Remote computer control capabilities are available through USB, TTL, and RS232 communication connections.

Product Comparison

Syringe Size
Minimum Flow Rate
Maximum Flow Rate
Linear Force
Step Resolution
Infuse Only
0.5µL to 60mL
0.001 μL/min
(with 0.5μL syringe)
102 mL/min
(with 60mL syringe)
35lb (15.9kg)
0.098 µm/step
0.5µL to 60mL
0.001 μL/min
(with 0.5μL syringe)
102 mL/min
(with 60mL syringe)
50lb (23kg)
0.046 µm/step
Continuous Flow
0.5µL to 60mL
1.6 pL/min
(with 0.5μL syringe)
150 mL/min
(with 60mL syringe)
65lb (29kg)
0.0293 µm/step
Pressure/Temp Control
0.5µL to 225mL
0.0001 μL/min
(with 0.5μL syringe)
423 mL/min
(with 225mL syringe)
500lb (227kg)
0.0938 µm/step

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